Course app Figma UI kit

Course app Figma UI kit. Mobile apps are the technology of the future. Tons of education app ideas for students are available to enhance skills and provide entertainment when learning. Consequently, a device that is almost always with you means you can take your learning everywhere. The Online Courses app. This application is for learning anything. Though, you can find e-courses very easily and for free. Moreover, by watching the discussion and exercise videos, you can become an expert in this matter. This application has a bookmark feature, Search, resume videos. Available on IOS and Android. Also, you can also add friends to study together, with the message feature you can learn together easily. Has the perfect color contrast. It will definitely improve the look of your design Course app Figma UI kit project! The contains simple illustrations and cards composition. Course App Figma UI Kit made.
Minimalistic UI for Figma! It is super stylish and eye-catchy, with perfect color contrast.

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